Dear Fellow Feist Fans,

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in the Atlas to the Worlds of Raymond E. Feist. After I compiled the maps of Triagia, Kelewan, and Midkemia, I wanted to share them with others as an aid to exploring R.E.F.'s work. Mr. Feist asked that I post his copyright information: "Midkemia, Krondor, and all other place names, as well as the distinctive features of these maps are Trademarks of Raymond E. Feist, the Bittersea Company, and Midkemia Press. Used by permission. Permission to reproduce or retransmit expressly denied."

I would hope that admiration and respect for Mr. Feist and his work would prompt his fans to honor his request. In addition, I have spent untold hours in the creation of these maps and feel they are the unique hallmark of my web site. Regrettably, some have not shown this courtesy and have acted in direct violation of Mr. Feist's copyright. Of course, anyone has the ability to download an image and print it for their own personal use. What the copyright prohibits is the maps being displayed on other web pages or someone distributing copies.

I am deeply flattered that so many have wished to post these maps. In an effort to minimize future problems I would like to share the official response to such inquiries. Anyone is more than welcome to provide a link to the Atlas from their web pages. The address is: I have made thumbnail images available which may be posted on other web sites for linking purposes. I ask that the link be to and not a direct link to any graphics contained in the Atlas. Click here to view the thumbnail images.

Thank you again for your support of this site and for respecting the property rights of one of our favorite fantasy novelist.


R. M. Askren

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