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Elvandar.crydee.com is an archive of the former Elvander.com website that was created and maintained by Dr. Ralph Askren

At the request of Dr. Askren, Crydee.com is making this content available, so it is not yet lost to the ravages of time

Some links were updated at the time of archiving to direct the user to the then current link location.

The pages are no longer being maintained and may contain errors or inconsistencies, as they are based on information available at the time of creation, which may have been subsequently superceeded.

Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug

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Welcome to Elvandar, home of
The Atlas to the Worlds of Raymond E. Feist and The Midkemian Gazetteer. Elvandar is honored to have its maps published in Raymond E. Feist's works and be approved by Mr. Feist as the home of the "official" online atlas to his fantasy worlds. All map artwork is based on original work by Raymond Feist, Steve Abrams, and Rich Spahl. I would like to thank Ray's editor, Jennifer Brehl, for giving me the opportunity to contribute. Also, thanks to the many other Midkemian cartographers for their inspiration, to the "old-timers" on the Feistfans List for numerous suggestions, and to Ray and Steve for always answering my many questions about Midkemian geography. I hope Ray's fans will enjoy these web pages as they explore his histories of Midkemia.
-R.M. Askren

For the most up to date information on Raymond Feist and his work, visit his official website at Crydee.

"Dr. Askren did a heck of a job!"
- Raymond E. Feist

Midkemia, Krondor, and all other place names, as well as the distinctive features of the maps are Trademarks of Raymond E. Feist, the Bittersea Company, and Midkemia Press. Used by permission. Permission to reproduce or retransmit expressly denied.

Cover art from the first edition of Magician The Raymond E. Feist Ring

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All cover art from Feist's US publications