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At long last, gamers can explore the classic RPGs from Ray Feist once again...

Good Old Games ( is a computer game sale and distribution service owned by Polish company CD Projekt RED S.A.

The service sells older PC games. In order to ensure compatibility with newer versions of Microsoft Windows, some games are pre-patched or bundled with Open Source emulation and compatibility software, such as ScummVM and DOSBox. Unlike some other services, the games do not use digital rights management  and the user does not have to install special client software to download or run the games,  although an optional download manager is available.

Along with purchasing the games, customers are also able to download numerous extra material relating to the game they purchased. Often these extras include the game's soundtrack, wallpapers, avatars, and manuals. GOG also offers full customer support for all purchases.

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c_bak.jpg (23687 bytes) Betrayal at Krondor

The best selling RPG, Betrayal at Krondor (released 1994), set the standard for role playing adventure games on the PC.

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Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor™ is the highly anticipated sequel to the best selling RPG, Betrayal at Krondor. It is set in Raymond E. Feist's world of Midkemia, and offers many of the key RPG elements found in the original while simultaneously incorporating the latest gaming technology of the time.

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