Raymond E. Feist Web Pages

Over the years, the number of web sites dedicated to the work of Raymond Feist and offering unique content has decreased. This page formerly had over a dozen popular links. However, most of those sites are no longer in existence or are not being maintained and updated with relevant new content. Many of the better resource websites that have ceased operation/updates have had their content incorporated into Crydee (Raymond Feist's official web site). The following list is a collection of links to currently maintained Raymond E. Feist sites that contain unique content which fans may enjoy.

Crydee is the official Raymond E. Feist web site.

The Raymond E. Feist page at HarperCollins Publishers.

Midkemia Press - the originators (along with Ray Feist) of the world of Midkemia.

For game enthusiasts visit The Betrayal at Krondor Help Web and The Master's Return to Krondor Page.

Elvandar.com - home of the Atlas to the Worlds of Raymond E. Feist and the Midkemian Gazetteer.

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