Elvandar is now home of the "official" Atlas to the Worlds of Raymond E. Feist

Elvandar.com is honored to have its map of Midkemia and the Eastern Kingdoms published in Raymond E. Feist's newest novel, Talon of the Silver Hawk. The American edition, released April 15, features the complete map of the Midkemian continent of Triagia on the end pages as well as the Eastern Kingdoms  map already seen in the UK edition. With the publication of these maps, Ray Feist has approved Elvandar.com as the home of the "official" atlas to his fantasy worlds. All map artwork is based on original work by Steve Abrams and Raymond Feist. Midkemia, Krondor, and all other place names, as well as the distinctive features of the maps are Trademarks of Raymond E. Feist, the Bittersea Company, and Midkemia Press and are used by permission. I would like thank Ray's editor, Jennifer Brehl, for giving me the opportunity to contribute. Also, thanks to the many other Midkemian cartographers for their inspiration, to the old-timers on the Feistfans List for numerous suggestions, and to Ray and Steve for always answering my many questions about Midkemian Geography. I hope Ray's fans will enjoy having a complete map of Midkemia available as they explore his latest works.

-R.M. Askren

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