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Elvandar's map of the Eastern Kingdoms appears in Talon of the Silver Hawk.

Welcome to Elvandar.com, home of
The Unofficial Atlas to the Worlds of Raymond E. Feist and The Midkemian Gazetteer. I hope you enjoy viewing these maps as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Some of the maps are very eclectic, combining geographical features of the maps from different sources (various Feist novels, the two computer games, and the map of Triagia at the Midkemia Press web site). This work is not intended to be the definitive atlas of Midkemia or other lands. It is simply a labor of love and has been a useful tool as I have explored the world of R.E.F.'s (and associates) imagination. (Many thanks to the members of the Feistfans-L list for their helpful suggestions.)

"It is as good a map as any out there.
 Mr. Askren did a heck of a job!"
- Raymond E. Feist

Midkemia, Krondor, and all other place names, as well as the distinctive features of these maps are Trademarks of Raymond E. Feist, the Bittersea Company, and Midkemia Press. Used by permission. Permission to reproduce or retransmit expressly denied.

Cover art from the first edition of Magician The Raymond E. Feist Ring

This site  Elvandar  is owned by R.M. Askren

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All cover art from Feist's US publications